The Brazilian Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry (BrazMedChem) is a scientific event of international abrangency, which has the main objective of joining Brazilian Medicinal Chemists to the state-of-the-art of the discovery/development of new drugs.

Since the establishment of the Brazilian Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in 2001 (BrazMedChem2001) under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Carlos Montanari, it has been prone to achieve understanding and gather true information that leads to knowledge.

The second BrazMedChem was held in Rio de Janeiro city, being Prof. Dr. Jose Daniel Figueroa Villar the chair of the event. During this meeting, a set of outstanding researchers in the field was established as a BrazMedChem consulting group with the aim of improving the medicinal chemistry in Brazil.

In 2006, the BrazMedChem was held in Aguas de Sao Pedro-SP, under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Glaucius Oliva. This successful event had a set of renowned international researchers as invited speakers.

BrazMedChem2008 (Porto de Galinhas-PE) had the highest number of participants in the history of the symposium. Prof. Dr. Ivan da Rocha Pitta was the chair of this event that counted with a massive number of researchers from the northeastern region.

A decade of existence was celebrated during the 2010 edition of the meeting in Ouro Preto-MG. Once again, Prof. Dr. Carlos A. Montanari was the chair of the event, which is now one of the most important symposiums in the entire Latin America. The main objectives that led to the birth of this scientific meeting were achieved and reviewed at that time. We wanted to innovate again by offering the first joint DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases)/BrazMedChem Lead Optimization Workshop.

The BrazMedChem2012 was held by the first time in the Southern area, being coordinated by Prof. Dr. Vera Lucia Eifler Lima. This event was another successful case in which a huge number of researchers of this region attended the meeting.

Once again the BrazMedChem was held in the São Paulo State, at the Campos do Jordão Convention Center, in 2014. This meeting was organized by Prof. Dr. Andrei Leitão and it had a new record for the meeting: this edition had the highest number of invited speakers among all events, including 2 workshops and 1 short course. It is worth of mentioning that Prof. Dr. Kurt Wüthrich (2002 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry) gave the opening conference.

The nature of BrazMedChem is multi inter and transdisciplinary. It is confirmed by the rich diversity of speakers and, utterly essential to any scientific event, to all participants. This community is the driving source of the Brazilian medicinal chemistry enhancement.

Now the BrazMedChem meeting turned out to be organized by the Division of Medicinal Chemistry, a branch of the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ).

Ricardo Bicca de Alencastro
Carlos Alberto Montanari
Andrei Leitão

José Daniel Figueroa Villar

Former BrazMedChem Permanent Committee

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