The objectives of the BrazMedChem2010 are to provide a scientific atmosphere strong enough to stimulate and develop the science of medicinal chemistry. The challenge of continuous learning and meeting the cooperation between the Brazilian and Foreign Scientists through associations/collaborations is fundamental to our proposal.


Actions of BrazMedChem for the implementation of these goals are:
1. Organization of the biannual Symposium;
2. Exchange of experiences, information and encouragement in the discussions related to all aspects of modern medicinal chemistry;
3. Establishment of working groups to study the issues related to medicinal chemistry and their interfaces;
4. The offering of short-courses intended for the understanding of the pharmacological effects, chemical structures, targets, sites of action and biological tests to obtain appropriate data on structure–activity relationships (SAR);
5. Creating and offering the BrazMedChem senior and young age talented but mature scientist awards to encourage researchers in medicinal chemistry science.

2008 : Eliezer Barreiro (senior researcher), Adriano Andricopulo (young researcher) and Antonia Tavares do Amaral (avant-garde researcher).

2010: Ricardo Bicca de Alencastro (senior researcher), Andrei Leitão (young researcher) and Glaucius Oliva (avant-garde researcher).

2012: Elizabeth Igne Ferreira (senior researcher), Rafael Guido (young researcher) and Adriano Andricopulo (avant-garde researcher).

2014: Ronaldo Aloise Pilli (senior researcher), Alessandro Nascimento (young researcher) and Jose Daniel Figueroa Villar (avant-garde researcher).

6. In 2010, an award was offered to undergrad students who were beginners in science. This was a joint event of Pfizer and BrazMedChem2010. Besides that, a small group of undergrad students were selected to have a dinner with Prof. Dr. K. Barry Sharpless, the 2001 Nobel Prize laureate.


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