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Kurt Wüthrich, The Scripps Research Institute (EUA) & ETH-Zürich (Suíça)
Conferência de abertura. Structural Biology and Structural Genomics for Rational Drug Design.

Andreas Bender, U. Cambridge, Reino Unido
Using Bioactivity Databases and Computer Algorithms for Target Deconvolution and Compound Design.

Ellen L. Berg, BioSeek, EUA
Human Cell Systems Biology for Drug Discovery and Chemical Safety.

Jeffrey Blaney
, Genentech, EUA
Enabling the Best Structure-Based Design Engine: An Expert Scientist.

Claudio Cavasotto, IBioBA-MPSP, Argentina
Incorporating quantum-mechanical methods in structure-based drug discovery. 

Gabriele Cruciani, U. Perugia, Itália
Human Metabolism Prediction: Facts or Fantasy?

Laurent Emmanuel Dardenne, LNCC, Brasil
DockThor: a Brazilian Receptor-Ligand Docking Program.

Federico Gago, U. Alcalá, Espanha
Progress and Pitfalls in the Modeling and Simulation of Tubulin-Drug Interactions.

Michael Gilson, UCSD, EUA
Simulation and informatics for chemical insight and design.

Marcie Ann Glicksman, Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center, EUA
The Emergence of Drug Discovery in Academia: Case studies in Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Cristiano Guimarães
, Aché, Brasil
Research, Development & Innovation at Aché.

Catrin Hasselgren, UNM, EUA
Informatics and modeling supports drug safety.
Paul Hawkins, OpenEye Scientific Software, Inc., EUA
Methodological improvements in docking: are we actually getting better?

Barrie Kellam, U. Nottingham, UK
Illuminating Ligand-Receptor Interactions: New Insights into GPCR Pharmacology using Fluorescent Ligands.

Peter Kenny, IQSC-USP, Brasil
Accident and misadventure in property-based design.

Jerson Lima, UFRJ, Brasil
Prion-Like Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancer: New Targets to Chemotherapy.

Rui Ferreira A. Moreira, U. Lisboa, Portugal
Chemogenomic approaches to single and dual-stage antimalarial agents.

Tudor I. Oprea, UNM, EUA
Drug Repurposing from an Academic Perspective.

Stefan Peukert, U. Novartis, USA
Discovery of the Smoothened Inhibitors LEQ506 and LDE225 for the Treatment of Hedgehog-Dependent Tumors.

Ronaldo Pilli, UNICAMP, Brasil

Synthesis and Biological Activity of Natural Products and Derivatives.

Artur Manoel S. Silva, U. Aveiro, Portugal
New synthetic routes for potential biologically active O- and N-heterocycles.

Antoni Torrens, Esteve, Espanha
Discovery of Novel EP1 Ligands for the Treatment of Pain.

Hans P. Wessel, University of Aveiro, Portugal
(Synthetic) Approaches to Lead Identification.

Antony Williams, Royal Society of Chemistry, Reino Unido
Serving the Medicinal Chemistry Community with Royal Society of Chemistry Cheminformatics Platforms.



Cristiano Guimaraes, Aché, Brasil


Claudio Cavasotto, IBioBA-Max Planck Society Partner, Argentina


Jose Daniel Figueroa Villar, IME-RJ, Brasil


Antonia T. do Amaral, IQ-USP, Brasil


Antonio Burtoloso, IQSC-USP, Brasil



"Beyond the Rule of 5"

Pesquisadores confirmados:

Tudor Oprea, UNM, EUA

Peter Kenny, IQSC-USP, Brasil


"Virtual Screening: How to do it better and how to know you are doing better"

Pesquisador confirmado:

Paul Hawkins, OpenEye Scientific Software, Inc., EUA




José Daniel Figueroa Villar, IME-RJ, Brasil
Metodologias de Ressonância Magnética Nuclear em Química Medicinal.

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