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The objective of the BrazMedChem2014 is to provide a scientific atmosphere that stimulates the development of the medicinal chemistry field. The challenge of continuous learning in this complex area and the strengthening of cooperations between the Brazilian researchers and foreign scientists through associations/collaborations is fundamental to our proposal.

Actions of BrazMedChem for the implementation of these goals are:

  1. Organization of the biannual Symposium;
  2. Exchange of experiences, information and encouragement in the discussions related to all aspects of modern medicinal chemistry;
  3. Establishment of working groups to study the issues related to medicinal chemistry and their interfaces;
  4. The offering of short-courses intended for the understanding of the pharmacological effects, chemical structures, targets and sites of action; biological tests to obtain appropriate data on structure–activity relationships (SAR);
  5. Offering the BrazMedChem senior, vanguard and young age talented (but mature) scientists awards to encourage researchers in the medicinal chemistry area.

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