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Poster guidelines

Posters are expected to be 1.00 x 1.20 m or 40 x 47 in (the width must be no more than 1.00 m; the length may be up to 1.20 m). The posters should be affixed using double-faced tape (no thumbtacks or pins).

All scientific contributions should be printed out to be presented as poster, even the ones chosen for oral presentation.

Posters should have:

a. Title;
b. Names of the authors (mark with an underline the presenting author);
c. Institution(s);
d. E-mail address of the presenting author;
e. Objectives;
f. Brief introduction;
g. Experimental Section;
h. Results and Discussion: schemes, graphs/figures, tables;
i. Brief acknowledgments;
j. Maximum number of 3 references is desired.

Posters should be clearly readable from a distance of 1.50 m. Figures, schemes, graphs and text typically make up the bulk of a good poster. Presenters are encouraged to provide a handout summarizing their poster session for poster viewers to take away with them for future reference.

Poster sessions

There will be two poster sessions during the days 10 and 11 of November (Monday and Tuesday). More information will be available after the evaluation of the abstracts.

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