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Traveling info

Please, check early in advance if you need Visa to come to Brazil! For example: Visa is required for countries like Mexico, USA and Canada. On the other hand, people that hold Mercosul or European passports can come to Brazil without a Visa to attend the meeting.

Traveling to Guarulhos international airport is the best way to arrive in Brazil. If you need more information to buy tickets, please get in contact with Mrs. Elisabete Simabuco from Campos do Jordao Eventos ( She is the contact person to solve all questions regarding traveling and hosting in Campos do Jordao. The Organizing Committee strongly advises all to get in contact with Mrs. Simabuco (

Important info: There will be shuttles from the Guarulhos International Airport departing to Campos do Jordao. These shuttles will be available by a third part company and it will be not the responsibility of the event. We advise all to get these shuttles that are going to stop nearby the hotels of the event. Information about the cost and time schedule are available with Mrs. Simabuco ( Organizing Committee of BrazMedChem2014 has no relationship with this shuttle service, which is made by a third-party company.

Access to Campos do Jordao

1) Transfer by shuttle by “Campos do Jordao Events”

It takes around 2h30min to arrive in Campos do Jordao departing from the Garulhos International Airport.

Reservations required by e-mail: (more information will be available).

2) By car:

Driving from Sao Paulo to Campos do Jordao (2h20min): Coming from Rodovia Ayrton Senna, take “Rodovia Carvalho Pinto” and then “Rodovia Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro-SP 123”.

Driving from Rio de Janeiro to Campos do Jordao (3h40min): Coming from “Rodovia Dutra”, take “Rodovia Floriano Rodriguez Pinheiro–SP 123” after Taubate city.

3) By Bus:

3.1) Mantiqueira Bus Company:

Departs from Sao Paulo at “Rodoviaria do Tiete”. Departure/arrival times: 6h00/9h00 am, 12h00am/15h00pm, 17h00pm/19h30pm.

3.2) Mantiqueira Bus Company:

Departs from Campinas-SP at “Rodoviaria de Campinas”. Departure time: 7h00 am. Departure time from Campos do Jordao to Campinas: 15h00 pm.

3.3) Tres Amigos Bus Company:

Departs from Rio de Janeiro to Campos do Jordao - phone (21) 4004 5001 or (21) 2481 5603.

4) Guarulhos Airport

4.1) Airport Bus Service: Departure from Guarulhos Airport at “Arrive Terminal, Asa A” and arrival at the “Rodoviária de Campos do Jordão”. Daily from 13h30 pm - phone (11) 3775 3850.

Departure from the “Rodoviária de Campos do Jordão” to Guarulhos Airport. Daily at 8h00 am – phone (12) 3662 1995.

5) Airplane

Guarulhos and Sao Jose dos Campos Airports.

Buy your flight tickets with “Campos do Jordao Events” and streamline the whole process!

Just inform the name of the Event (BrazmedChem2014), departure city, arrival and departure flight dates as well as the airport of your choice. Get in contact with Mrs. Elisabete Simabuco ( from Campos do Jordao Events (our official agency). She will be able to arrange everything for you, including the airplane tickets, the shuttle to and from the conference city and the hotel accommodation.

5.1) Guarulhos – All Aircraft Companies.

5.2) Sao Jose dos Campos –Azul Aircraft Company daily flights from: Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte.


Campos do Jordao Convention Center address:

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